60 Second 5 Step Binary Options Sysytem

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In this video we have Keith Jones (ex-stock broker turned independent trader) showing how to do his now famous 5-Step 60 Second Binary Options Trading Strategy/System.  This is a shorter versions of his videos about this, but the full version and the completely written out version of this system can be found on his site here: 60 Second Profits.  On his site he has the full written instructions, video, an eBook (I think), and some software that he had developed just for the improved application of this system.

Keith developed this system early in 2012 when Trade Rush became the first trading platform to offer 60 second Options to the public, so naturally he was recommending them for use with his system…they were the only game in town with 60 second Options early in 2012.  However, nearly every trading platform on the planet now has 60 Second Options and Trade Rush’s platform is FARRR from the best.  We cannot recommend Trade Rush for doing something as rapid-fire as this 60 second 5 step strategy.

Trade Rush’s platform has lagging issues, serious price slippage when attempting to enter into quick trades, freezes up, and is just generally outright buggy.  As of January Trade Rush claimed they were updating and improving their platform, but we don’t see any improvement there for ourselves.  They may be fine for placing a trade with an expiry 15 minutes into the future, but for 60 second options, pick a different Binary Brokerage house.

Feel free to head on over and check out Keith’s website and the written , eBook, and software over at 60 Second Profits….just don’t use Trade Rush for this, lol!


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watty says:

This is pure affiliate scamming …………

Binary Babe says:

I’m not really sure what you think is “pure affiliate scamming” here. If you click the link and go over to the site and log in or sign up or whatever, you can watch his video and read his written out instructions there for free.

All I’m saying in this post is, if you do go over and access his video & instructions, don’t use Trade Rush for it, as he suggests, because Trade Rush’s platform is too buggy for doing this method.

Most people would consider that useful information, and possibly a negative review of Trade Rush’s platform, not affiliate scamming.

Joe says:

Hi i just wanted to comment on this strategy that keith has setup here. This does actually really work but i think there are a few key points to follow. I started an account with $200 and following this strategy i was up to $673 within a few hours traiding here and there off and on. You have to be quick on step 4 placing the $25.00 and $5.00 trade with a 4 second delay no more espically in the morning hours. I also went 10 for 10 on step 5 with $100 trades and was impressed. There is a (Optimum) Time to use this strategy as well that will make it work 100 percent that i found out.

Binary Babe says:

Hey Joe, thanks for writing in with your tips & results with this method! The more info that we all can share in, the better we can all do. I usually trade in the afternoons so I didn’t know about the difference in the mornings.

I notice that you were smart with just implementing this method off-and-on. In another comment section under the other video about this method, I mention the importance of knowing when to stop. Do you check your own charts & indicators between rounds so that you can tell when to stop for a bit because the trend is changing?

Valerie says:

Hi. What do you mean by Optimum time and could you please explain the Keith Jones method to me thoroughly? Thanks in advance.

Binary Babe says:

If you were looking for a more detailed explanation of his system, just click through the link in the above post. You don’t have to buy anything, he has written instructions there, complete with a list of do’s and don’ts. However, if you are new to binary trading, I do suggest that you start out learning a less aggressive method than this 60 second system. Move on to that later after you’ve become more accustomed to how trading works first.

stop kidding says:

whoever believes that the 5th step (£100) does 100% work, must be desperately deluded. the chances where the £100 work are in fact the same as those with the first step ($5). the bigger problem is that if you lose the £100 bet, that means you’ve lost £5+£10+£25+£100 = £140. so how many times do you have to keep winning the whole cycle just to cover this. To be honest, logical and frank here’s when the 5 steps work: when you are lucky. and if you are lucky enough it will work quite a lot resulting in big bucks. Speaking of leaving everything to the luck, what if you aren’t that lucky?

Dennis says:

This is purely a Martingale system with a 70% payout. Hell go to a casino and bet on RED or Black, at least they pay off 95%. I would bet that most of Vegas was built by players using the Martingale system. My father even told me about it when I was about 12 and it seemed to make sense, he lost his entire life savings, over $500,0000, in the commodity markets when I was in college. And although he may not have realized what he was doing, but he was doubling up as pork bellies fell, and fell, and fell. Gambler’s ruin is where he went and where anyone will eventually go as well. If you think you can’t lose 5 trades in a row, you are greatly mistaken. If you think you can’t lose 8 in a row. or 10, or 25, you are wrong. It may take a while. You may think you are the smartest guy trading as you win, but it will get you. That is why there are table limits in Vegas, and why Binary Options brokers have limits on bet size.

mike s says:

How about cedar finance would they be good for this?

Binary Babe says:

I’m sorry, Mike. I honestly can’t answer about Cedar Finance because I haven’t looked them over or tried them yet. We are in the process of creating a Binary Options Platforms review section and I will add them to the list of platforms to look over. Thanks for mentioning it!

In the meantime, you may want to try out GeoTradex. They run on the SpotOption software/platform, like TradeRush and many others, but their parent company is IMA Corp whose main business interests are the online gaming industry. This means they definitely understand the importance of having enough “power” to keep their applications running very smoothly.

GeoTradex also has knowledgeable trading experts available to discuss methods & the markets with you regardless of your “depositor level”, unlike most other brokerages…deposit $200 or $20,000, you get an expert to assist you.

Keith Jones obviously has much experience to tap into

Giles Parker says:

looks very simple to execute! Nicely presented.

Sithara says:

I have been actively trdnaig in the forex market for over 4 years and I know of absolutely no way that anyone can consitantly generate the 10% to 500% DAILY returns that these guys are touting.I would have no problem if someone were discussing earning 10% per MONTH. I know that 10% is an achievable rate return using conservative strategies.I would be very, very careful before you put any money at risk with this company.Paul

Binary Babe says:

Hi Paul,

Thing is, this isn’t Forex; this is Binary Options, which is a completely different animal. Grab yourself a demo account from a broker, do a little studying about Binary Options, and then about different trading strategies for them, how to use traditional Forex indicators with your charts as they would apply specifically to Binary Options trading, and then give it a shot with your demo account so that you’re not risking anything. You’ll then understand a little better that this is not the same thing as traditional Forex trading, so the comparison is pretty much apples & oranges. Give it a shot, you may find you like it better than traditional Forex trading.

(And this video is not about investing with any company, it’s about a trading method that can be used with most Binary Options Brokers. In fact, below this video, the review says to NOT use this particular broker shown in the video because their platform is often too slow & buggy for this method.)

Morris says:

The popularity changes every 72 hrs says the Trade Rush staff to me so it is not accurate to follow.

Binary Babe says:

I agree that following the trading platform’s Traders Choice arrows are not very useful or accurate, although I was under the impression that it did actually change closer to the half-hour to hour range, not every 3 days. This is why I keep saying over and over that you should always be doing this with your own charts and indicators running on another tab. Continually checking to make sure that the trend is still going where you think it is going, and most of all, knowing when to stop.

Take a look at the comments that I’ve posted as responses over on this other video about this method.

I also keep advising not to use TradeRush for 60 Second options, or really anything else! (see my review of TradeRush here) Among other things, they do not have the server power to keep their platform running smoothly enough for this method.

swarup says:

i think it ll work on if you have minimum 1000$ in your account. because i noticed that the price (5 to 6 red candle in mt4) going down when the maximum people says it will up,can u tell how to start with minimum amount like 100$?

Binary Babe says:

You absolutely cannot do this method with only $100. I wouldn’t even bother trying to start with less than $300-$400. If you only have $100, I suggest you try some less aggressive methods of trading, then once you’ve built your account up and are a little more experienced and liquid, give this method a shot (but use your demo account to test first!).

Alim says:

This method does not work i lost on the so called “100%” guaranteed $100 trade 3 out of 4 times. I followed all of the steps to the T and once I got to the final and last step i lost a majority of the time using the Traderush demo account. I’m pretty skeptical about this method. I must admit though that it works a majority of the time when you a at the $10 and $25 ($10+$15) trade steps, but once I got to the $100 trade and final step it failed almost every time which ultimately makes this unreliable.

hashan says:

What is the best brokerage to follow this strategy?plz reply

Binary Babe says:

Hi There,
If you’re new to binary trading I always recommend starting out with learning basic hedging strategies or even multi-asset trend trading before getting into the more aggressive 60 Second Options. However, if you are intending to try this 60 second method, you need a broker with ample server power to ensure that the platform runs smoothly and quickly. The three with the best server power are Banc de Binary, 24Option, and GeoTradex.

Remember, no matter what method you’re using to trade, ALWAYS check your own charts with your own indicators running. Do not rely purely on the broker platform’s little trading charts and/or the little “Traders Choice” percentage bars. Also, ALWAYS check an economic calendar (we have a couple on our site under our Useful Trading Tools category) before beginning any trading session to make sure that there are no events or announcements that will interfere with your trading.

Hope this helps!

EscapingDelusion says:

Hi there! I am relatively new, but I have spent much more time over the past couple months reading about binary options, studying indicators in MetaTrader 4, and trying out some ideas just to learn about binaries. I like the odds of this strategy, especially when coupled with some of your tips in the above thread. I was just wondering, given your experience, if you would consider any of the following to lower risk when using this strategy:
* Times of the day to avoid due to unpredictability for US, European, or Asian markets.
* I notice that Keith’s strategy utilizes the “Trader’s Choice” percentage bars, which indicates trader behavior for the next 15 minute bar, yet he’s using it for 60-second trading. Do you have any recommendations for when this strategy would probably be most accurate (e.g. 15-20 minutes before the option expires, 10-15 minutes before the option expires, 5-10 minutes before the option expires?)?
* In Keith’s example of losing and then increasing the amount, he keeps trading on the same Forex pair and in the same direction. Do you recommend sticking with this, seeking another Forex pair, or does it not matter? I would begin to be concerned if I lost two or three in a row that perhaps the majority was wrong on that pair, but perhaps that’s just my emotions getting the best of me.
If you have time to give me some feedback, that would be great. Thank you so much!!! Your comments have been extremely helpful. :-)

Binary Babe says:

Hi E.D.,

Glad you like the site! I have to commend you on your patience and commonsense to spend actual time and effort studying and educating yourself rather than jumping into binary trading without “looking both ways” first. That indicates that you probably have the right type of temperment and nature to become a successful trader.

To answer your questions as best I can:

Try to stay away from the “dead zones” of trading; those would be the times when only one market is open. Many trading experts also recommend not trading the open or close of markets (1st & last half hour or so) until you are an experienced trader. Also, ALWAYS check an economic event calendar before any trading session to make sure you know what might affect your trading session. We have a couple streaming ones here on the site under our Useful Trading Tools category.

Next, please DO NOT trade 60 Second options when you’re a new trader; it’s high risk and you will most likely lose your ass and assets, and then be turned off of trading. Without understanding their own charts & indicators, people never know when to start and definitely never seem to know when to stop.

I don’t care what Keith says in his videos, there is a lot more to it than he shows. I guarantee you he has at least 2 other monitors running his own custom charts & indicators off camera and those are what he’s basing his trading on for filming the video, not the Traders Choice bars. For any sort of trading, those bars are really only useful as an indicator of what you might want to go look at in your own charts as you peruse broker assets looking for something interesting to trade. There is NO substitute for understanding your own charts and indicators 😉

If you feel you must try out a “system”, I would suggest the multi-asset trend trading method shown here. It’s less risky. But, again, never do anything without confirming with your own charts & indicators.

If you are serious about becoming a trader, and you do seem to be, learn more useful, reliable methods and skills. Learn to master hedging strategies first and be very disciplined about it. If you learn to do it right, it will increase your profits while limiting your losses. There are a couple videos about hedging here on the site, a few longer ones over on YouTube, and a number of articles around the ‘net including these short ones over on 2 of our sister-sites found here and here.

And, as always, remember to test out any method or strategy in a demo account first:) (I know, broken record)

I hope all of this helps out some and I do wish you the best in your trading career.

russell says:

Don’t be stupid people check out keith jones. He is no trader and a douche bag to boot. Try his system for a day. But have plenty of money because you will lose it all.

Eddie says:

Please explain to me WHY the 5th step is 100% guaranteed. Heck of a presentation, I might say, but not enough to convince me against the math that follows. If there is a good explanation I see no reason why not to try it, and why I shouldn’t tell everyone I know to follow this system.

Binary Babe says:

Hi Eddie,

It’s not my system to explain :) This is just a video from Keith Jones that I included on this site. There are links to his site in the post where he has more info.

Benny C. says:

Hi, I have been using this strategy for few week now, I found that the 4th trade IS NOT 100% GUARANTEED !!! Often time, I lose the 4th trade, I will say probably 4 out of 10 times. I need to place the 5th trade to recover, and sometime you will lose the 5th trade too. That’s how I ended up losing $1000 (my initial).
When you check on other video that people post on YouTube or other website, you will see that some people use their own table to trade, which you will find that they have the 8th, 9th or even 10th trade on their table in case to recover their losses. Those people are using the same strategy (extended). I mean if the strategy really work, why would they have 8th, 9th or even 10th trade set up and ready to trade?
And just think about it guys, is it really worth to take the risk?
I mean if you follow the strategy, you might be lucky enough to get to the 4th trade few times in an hour of trading. If you win the 4th trade, you probably happy. But what if you lose the 4th trade? It will probably cheap out whateven you made perviously because the 1st to 3rd trades you are only making a few bucks each. Is it really worth to risk?
To be honest, that’s what I have exprienced. I used 6steps (5-10-25-100-500), and I won most of my trades. However, just a couple losing trades, my account balance dropped from $1200+ to $20.
I’m not saying that the strategy is not working, it’s just not 100% GUARATEED!!! Becareful guys!!!

adorian dugas says:

people the problem yall are having is you dont know when to stop. you guys are trying to make 300-500 a day and then get pissed off when you lose the 5th trade. stick to low profits a day. like 50-80 dollars or even 100. you guys trade for hours!!! you can trade for 20 minutes and gain $50. then stop and trade the next day!!! stop being greedy!! this system works!!!

Dennis says:

Don’t be greedy, is always a good motto, but if you think you can win just $50 every day, is just as silly. One day you will open the platform, loose whatever your mental limit is for one day, come back the next and lose again, and again, and again…sooner or later.

Here is a system I will give you for free…and you don’t have to use any Martingale progressions, but you need to be quick and you need to pay attention for hours as you will only get one or two trades every half hour or so and only during hours…3AM to about 12PM Eastern Time. Get a demo account with FXCM or FXDD or some other forex broker who provides an MT4 platform, Take the one minute EUR/USD chart, add a 20 bar Bollinger band indicator, edit the indicator to 3 standard deviations, and take a trade in the opposite direction whenever the price touches the band. IE., make a put bet whenever the price hits the upper band…and a call the instant it hits the lower band. You won’t win every time, and once you lose do not make another bet until the price gets back to the 20 bar moving average. You will win about 90% of the trades. That is enough to grind out a profit. This is not an easy system. It is easy to understand, but difficult to implement as you have to be on alert for an extended period of time waiting for the opportunity. Boredom and frustration are you enemies. Taking trades because you are bored and/or frustrated at the low number of trades will kill your account. There is no room or someone with ADD, or who is looking for action. I trade about 2 hours twice a day as that is as long as I can concentrate due to fatigue. Being on alert for hours is impossible. I pretend I am standing guard in Afghanistan again. One lax moment could get me killed there, and will get me killed in Binary trading. Once you get comfortable and confident in the system, you can do it. I only make $100 bets, and once I make $200 or have spent 2 hours at the computer, I quit. Two, two hour sessions is enough to make 4 to 5 wins with maybe one loss, about $400 a day. I say to myself, I will not be greedy, I will not be greedy, I will not be greedy. And give 20% to the church so as to share with others my blessings.

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