60 Second Binary Options 5 Step Rythm Trading Strategy

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Here Keith Jones from 60 Second Profits is instructing how to use a 5 Step “rythm” type strategy for trading 60 Second Binary Options.  He does a really good job showing the process all the way through, including the losses with the wins.  However, he doesn’t stress a VERY important part of successfully doing this method.  You must continually flip over and check either the “Traders Choice” rating on the regular part of the platform, or better yet, check your own charts that you have set up with indicators to make sure the trend is still heading the way you’re trading.  You can set up really terrific charts at www.FreeStockCharts.com

You can watch the full version of this method, including written instructions over at Keith’s own website, 60 Second Profits.  There he has more videos, I believe an ebook, and also some software that he developed just for this method of trading.  However, he does recommend using Trade Rush, which back when he developed this system over a year ago, they were the only option for doing this (pun intended).

Nowadays every binary brokerage house offers 60 Second Options and Trade Rush’s platform is buggy as hell.  We recommend picking a different brokerage for 60 Second Options.  Many, many brokerages use the same SpotOption script with the “Traders Choice” information, so you have plenty to choose from.  Or, if you choose a trading platform like 24Option that doesn’t have the “Traders Choice” widget (but does offer a never-ending demo account for testing ), you can always check your own charts.

You can choose a variety of assets, not just pairs like the EUR/JPY. Personally I prefer stocks like Apple when doing 60 Second Options because they have higher trading volume which means their movements are more predictable than currency pairs.


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phil says:

does this work? any1 try it?

Ted says:

I’m just starting to look into it but it seems like a red and black roulette strategy – just up your bets and you’re guaranteed to win – YEAH RIGHT. No one ever went broke by using a martingale system – NOT!!

Binary Babe says:

I can tell you that it does work BUT there is more to it than just this. First, don’t use a buggy platform like TradeRush for 60 Second Options. It’s far too sluggish & squirrely. Use a broker with a smooth-running platform like Banc de Binary or GeoTradex.

Second, rather than checking just the Traders Choice, check where the asset is headed in your own charts’ MA, EMA, Stochastics, and Volume before starting and then continuously throughout.

Third, make sure nothing weird is going on with your chosen asset or the markets in general (announcements, economic events) beforehand also. Personally, I prefer doing this method with a big stock like Apple rather than currency pairs; it just seems to work better for me. Hopefully, your broker offers stocks or commodities in addition to currency pairs for 60 Second Options.

Finally, and most importantly…know when to stop.

Always try to test new methods in a Demo Account first before using your live account.

Ted says:

Thanks Binary Babe. That’s good advise about the demo account. Do those two brokers you mentioned (the ones with your affiliate links) offer stock or commodity trading with the 60 second option and also demo accounts?

Binary Babe says:

Hi Ted, GeoTradex does offer Google & Apple stocks, as well as Gold/EUR as a commodity, in their 60 Second Options. Banc de Binary offers those same assets and additionally offers the Google vs. Apple pair for 60 Second Options trading. GeoTradex unfortunately doesn’t offer demo accounts but Banc de Binary does offer a $50K demo account. You can read the reviews of both brokers and the the details about BdB’s demo account here on the site under the Binary Options Broker Reviews category.

Remember that you always want to find an asset with a clearly defined trend (that you’ve confirmed in you own charts, not just the little platform charts and Traders Choice percentages) when going with this method. Also don’t forget to check at least one Economic Events calendar to make sure nothing is about to come up that will cause your asset or the whole market to go temporarily haywire. That sort of thing can utterly ruin your day, lol! We have a couple Economic Calendars (and other tools) here in the Useful Trading Tools category.

Hope this helps and Happy Trading to You!

Ted says:

What a load of bullocks. The guy says you are guaranteed to win. Originally I thought yeah, right (I don’t know where those comments have gone that I had left here previously – funny about that).

But I thought I’d give it a go in my demo account. Over 3 x 1 hour sessions on three different days the method went past the guaranteed last bet of $100 3 times (zero on the first session, once on the 2nd and twice on the 3rd session). Suffice to say it was a big loser.

I wish there actually was a guaranteed way to win on anything in life (including options), but this strategy isn’t it. :(

Ted says:

Just a quick note, the above comments weren’t on my screen so apologies for me saying they were deleted.

One thing I forgot though is that I ran across the same guy’s video on youtube and I notice that the comments are disabled – says it all.

Boinks says:

I’ve tried this strategy many times both in real and demo account. The strat has a big problem. 1 losing trading session can end your account instantly. I said session because you tend to make your next trade bigger and bigger as you lose each trade until your account dies.

I had a 400 usd real account trade. Using this strat, I managed to make it to 1.1k usd in less than 8 hours. I was happy. Rolling in the floor happy. But the bad side happened. I came across a trade that went directly opposite to my trade. I stuck to the strat. 5 straight losing trades. My account died in 5 mins. So I cried. Cried a lot.

It’s not 100%. That’s impossible. I’ve seen currency movements that goes in one direction in straight 7-8 mins. If your account can handle this kind of money load, by all means go ahead. Maybe a 20k usd account just might be able to take that much losses but the big question is are you willing to risk it? Of course not. I won’t.

If you can survive at least 10 straight trade losses, this strat might just work for you but like I said, you need truckloads of money to do it. Too risky.

I recommend you still study the charts. Use indicators. Stochastics Macd RSI Ichimoku Candlesticks. Maybe if you find the right timing, it could work.

Binary Babe says:

Thanks for sharing your experiences here! I couldn’t agree more with your last sentence, Boinks, because that is the key. That’s why, if you look at the other posts by BinaryBabe above, I keep trying to stress the importance of:

a.) Using your OWN charts with your indicators running, checking them constantly. DO NOT rely on the little charts on the trading platforms.

b.) Checking Economic Calendars to make sure no events or announcements are about to seriously affect the markets during your trading.

c.) KNOW WHEN TO STOP. Never just keep trading. Jump in, make some money while YOUR OWN charts are showing trend opportunity. The second you see your own indicators showing a change in the wind, STOP….especially if you’re already trying to recoup losses. You can always trade more later, but your account first has to be able to live to see another trading session, so just stop and give it a rest.

Manny says:

This strategy does NOT work. Despite the many people warnings I’ve seen in the comments, I convinced myself that there was no reason someone would make a video and lie about their success. My whole Traderush account was wiped clean.

Binary Babe says:

Thanks for sharing your experience, Manny. I guess the only upside of all of this is that now you’re free to open an account with a decent broker, lol!

FEMI says:

hi, Binary Babe when you said, monitoring your chart do you mean candlestick or line bar which one is better ? pls reply.

Binary Babe says:


Personally, I prefer candlestick charts and usually use the charts over at http://www.FreeStockcharts.com. They seem easier to read at a glance when you’re flipping back and forth, especially if you set them to fill depending on direction.

Hope this helps,

FEMI says:

Thanks BB, i have tried this system before on a demo account, but when it gets to the last step it is always a loss, pls can you give me tips that will help. thanks

Binary Babe says:


Really all the tips I have are already to be found in the 2 posts and within the comments on those posts about this method. I’m very glad to hear that you used a demo account, but I do really suggest that most people should go with a less aggressive trading method than this, such as hedging or even multi-trend trading.

Better yet, go with a proven signal service, at least while you’re still learning. There’s one called UpDown Signals that’s completely transparent about their win/loss ratio and they publish their results from the last 100 days so that you can check and see how accurate they are. Every day they send you 3-4 signals with expiry times, just place those trades in advance and you’re done for the day. It’s a hell of a lot less stressful, lol Check them out here, they have cheap trial subscriptions for binary signals so you can try them out and see if they’re worth it.

Have a great evening!

Brad Kuhler says:

You are not guaranteed to win that last trade in this system. I have tried it last night and this morning have have lost the last trade twice. Causes a lot of drawdown when you lose those last trades and is hard to get back to where you where at. Not 100% guaranteed to win that last trade like it says in video.

Binary Babe says:

….And that would be a good example of why I always suggest everyone that wants to test this method should test it in a demo account, while also continuously monitoring movement on their own charts & indicators :)

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