Banc de Binary Options Broker Review & Info

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First, the unfortunate news; Banc de Binary no longer accepts new US traders. But, if you’re not a US trader (or if you are a US trader but lucky enough to have an offshore corporation for international trading & investing Wink) keep reading.

Banc de Binary is internationally known Big Boy of binary options brokerage houses.  They are whistle-clean and above board legit. They are FSA regulated and they have industry awards out the wazzoo, lol!  In fact, in addition to offering Binary Options trading of all sorts, they even offer actual interest-bearing deposit banking to qualified investors. They offer financial services, not just to individual investors, but to corporate and institutional clients also.

One of the things we like best about BdB is unmatched focus on educational resources for traders.  In addition to all of their free downloadable resources like a comprehensive e-book, audio-book, recorded pod-casts, and BdB radio, they now have a brand new video eduction center…naturally we like that!

And to further help you learn about all of this (or just test out new methods), they now offer a FREE $50,000 DEMO ACCOUNT!

Now if those aren’t enough educational resources for you, wait, there’s more!  They offer actual courses on Binary Options trading, teach Analysis Techniques, have a terrific Glossary of Terms, offer software walk-throughs, have a data-base of Advanced Trading Articles to peruse, and a full-blown separate educational blog with seminars, classes, coaches, and news available  to their clients.

Banc de Binary also offers an impressive stable of assets to trade; 30 countries worth of tradeable currencies, commodities, stocks, and indexes…and many ways to trade them.  Besides the usual Up/Down, 60 Second, One-Touch, etc., they also offer the new option of trading Pairs.  That means that you can now take a position on Google vs. Apple, or Oil vs. Gold.  Very cool.

BBinary has 100% real-time rates with no “slippage” (unlike TradeRush), no spreads or margins, and searchable published expiry rates for all assets continually.  No hanky-panky. The platform is full powered and runs very smoothly without lag, bugs, or quirks….again, unlike TradeRush.

They offer 24/7 support by phone in almost any country on earth, click-to-call online calling, Skype, chat, and email. They also have the iTrading app for mobile trading on your phone, tablet, etc., when you’re out trading in the wild, or just accessing all of their educational resources.

The minimum deposit to open an account is just $250 and BBinary has immediate deposits and immediate withdrawals via MoneyBookers/Skrill.

Right now they are running a 100% Bonus First Deposit Match up to $3000…but you need to click here to be able get it (other links in this review just go to the homepage, no bonus option).  Be sure to discuss the details with them when you sign up to see how the bonus may benefit you. It’s an exclusive bonus, not generally available, but it’s not a mandatory bonus, lol!

Want to try their free signals?  Use the banner below to get them!



Lloyd Travis says:

Strange that there are so many restrictions about how & where you can invest your OWN money dependant on where you live! What’s up with that?

Giles Parker says:

I like Binary Options and think they offer a great way to get into trading for the smaller investor, but it sounds like the US wants to keep all the small investors money in their own US companies like eTrade. Not fair.

Icecatalog says:

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