A EUR/USD 60 Second Trade using Indicators

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This trader is discussing the news that, as of July 2012, there is no more 1-minute to get in and 1-minute lockout for 60 Second trades, just 60 seconds from strike price . Then he shows the chart & indicators he was using to predict a succesful trading setup.

Check out our different categories here on the site addressing strategies and usage of many different indicators for binary option trading.  You can also find links to several different charts that are free to use & download.  You can find those on our Charts, GMT Clocks, Calendars page along with assorted other tools to make your trading life easier.


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omoniys says:

Great, thanks!!

Binary AJ says:

I think thats the 3 ZZ Semafore indicator – great for looking at potential swings/fractals forming. Google around and you should find it :)

FAIZ RASOOL Faiz says:

It would be a shame if you did not earn much more income when these normal people do it easily with”Morsch Money Secret”(go google it).

omoniys says:

what is this indicator as yellow dots?

Thom Peterson says:

My concern is cashouts. Which pays out better TradeRush, Cedar Financial, Bank de Binary, or Nadex ? Or do you have another broker that pays out better than these. I clearly see that the money can be made, no doubt. Do you have any difficulty getting your money out of your account and deposited to your bank after you win the trades?

Binary AJ says:

Not really sure. Try it out.

C0vertOddity says:

Thanks. Do you know if i can invest money with a Visa Debit card?

Binary AJ says:

Thanks for the link!

Binary AJ says:


I trade pretty much only with 24Option. They have been decent (as far as binary brokers go).

I would not recommend going into binaries, without first demoing. Demoing will give you an idea of how the platform reacts to different situations.

C0vertOddity says:

Im thinking about using trade rush or bianc de binary. But i have had read that they may be scams. What do you recommend ?

Michael says:

Hey i would not trade with trade rush especially on a 60sec. there platform is way to slow.

Binary Babe says:

I couldn’t agree more. TradeRush’s platform has serious lag issues, slippage issues, and way too many errors that just stop your trade dead in its tracks so that you can’t even execute or complete it. It’s just flat out buggy. It is really not the best platform for 60 Second Option trades. It can be okay for trades that are expiring in 5-10-15 minutes, most of the time, but TR sucks for 60Second Options.

Binary AJ says:


Trading4Appz says:

Nice one, good call. Enjoy the weekend and here, a Tribute to all Traders:
/watch?v=MwKYjZ_8EcE till we meet again

happyfxer says:

Fast action will cause a lot of slippage especially when you really want in.

Binary AJ says:

Hi Pete!

Thanks for watching!

Absolutely! Getting in at the top would have been ideal, but I wasn’t looking at the charts at that moment, so I missed that opportunity.

Check out the latest video. I explain the new platform a bit more. If you still have questions, leave them in the comments there, and I’ll be happy to answer them :)


pbergquist1 says:

hi aj, nice trade today.
here is a newbie question for you….
do you think it would have been a safer trade to make a put trade at the top of your zone since the trend was down?

also, can you do another video on an explanation of what the difference is between the new 60 sec platform and the old platform.

mike says:

Hi AJ and Happy new year!! 2013 is already AWESOME. Thanks and good on yer for the video.
I was wondering if you would share with me the values you are using for the moving average lines on your chart and if you were even using them for your trade. Also how do you tell a fibonacci level where to go on your chart.
Thanks a MILLION!

Binary Babe says:

Hi Mike, Thanks for your interest in the above video! However, I should point out that this site is an ongoing collection of some of our favorite various videos on binary option trading skills by a number of assorted people on different video platforms. If you are trying to get in touch with AJ from the video, clicking the Youtube button on the bottom of the video should take you to the original video (and channel) over on Youtube.

We should be adding some videos on using Fibonacci methods possibly later tonight or tomorrow (thanks for giving me an idea of what to add next!), so please stop back and check them out. We are regularly adding more and more videos and categories on using assorted indictors and methods.

Good luck and happy trading!
Binary Babe

Peter says:

I have heard that binary options brokers often manipulate these kind of videos to make you believe they do get money while trading, but it’s hard to believe they just to it to promote a scam.

Binary Babe says:

I think you may be confused. The above video isn’t presented by a broker, it was made by a professional binary trader last year that is a contributing editor to the site that this was originally posted on as educational material. Binary options are not a scam, and trading them is not a “game” or “toy”. That’s why there are so many serious sites attempting to educate traders in how to trade for a living and not treat it like a silly game.

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