How to Get FREE Binary Options Trading Signal Software

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UPDATE: They have now made this fully automated trading and are now including a free $500 demo trading account automatically hooked up to the software for people to test the software out; you don’t even have to contact anyone to set it up. Now there’s no reason not to try it.

Hey y’all!  Found this and thought many of you might be interested.  So, let me explain how you can get a free download of Binary Options signalling software (kinda like OptionBot but FREE!).  Obviously, here on FreeBinaryOptionStrategy we’re all traders and we all know about Binary Options. Duh.  If you didn’t you wouldn’t be here learning trading strategies, right?

Okay, here’s the deal.  There’s this new Wall Street Exposed promotion going on that’s introducing people to the concept of Binary Options trading and it is truly geared towards people that have never in their lives heard of binary options (just keep that in mind while watching the video).  Anyway, they’re giving away a free download of signal software, and all you have to do is you just have to sit through the silly 20 minute video and then enter your email at the end to get the free AutoBinaryCode software and, now, also a free $500 demo account at Cedar Finance to test the software out in.

CLICK HERE to watch the video & get the software for free

The latest updated version now automatically places the trades for you (and cancels risky trades automatically, too).  No more being chained to the computer waiting for signals to act on, which many will find really nice for a change.

Granted, the software only works with Cedar Finance, and only if you open your free Cedar account through WSE’s system to make the signals work in sync, since Wall Street Exposed seems to have struck a deal with Cedar for this, but that’s not a bad thing.  Cedar’s a really good broker, you can read our review of them here.  And in that review you’ll find out that if you want Cedar Finance’s own free signal service you have to deposit a minimum of $1000 and be a Silver Level member.  On the other hand, if you go through this Wall Street Exposed way, you can get the free signal software and a $500 demo account hooked up to test it out with.  Pretty cool, huh?  Have fun with it guys!



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GeorgiaBoy says:

Stupid video but you said it would be. Cool software tho, thx

Stefb1964 says:


Did somebody try this software ? What are the results ?

Binary Babe says:

Well, no one’s been on here bitching and screaming “scam”, etc., blah blah blah, and I know that a few people have gotten the software. So I’m going to assume that means everyone that’s tried it is reasonably happy with it, otherwise there would be the usual bitching being posted whenever someone isn’t happy with how things worked out for them, lol!

Besides, what are you worried about? It’s free. Get it, test it with the demo in the Cedar account, or paper trade test, or backcheck results against your own charts before doing any live trading with your account. Whatever. If you don’t like it, don’t use it. It didn’t cost you anything, and you may end up being pleased with your results.

I haven’t tried it personally because I already have OptionBot for my own signal software and I’m happy with it. It’s not free but it does support many different brokers, not just the one.

Hope this helps some.

Stefaan Brisaert says:

Hi Binary Babe,

I tried the first trial release of Option Bot, but for some reason it did not function at all in my windows 8 and never got any support from Option Bot to help me solving the problem. I’ve been looking at the OB2 now but I’m curious about your win/loose ratio. On what platform are you running it ?
Look forward to hearing from you.

Binary Babe says:

Hi Stefaan,

I agree, OptionBot 1.0 left some things to be desired. Support was email only and spotty at best (and I’m being polite here), it wasn’t multi-platform, you couldn’t tweak it to only alert to certain currency pairs you wanted to trade, and they stupidly didn’t make it clear that you had to create your broker accounts through their software in order for the signals to sync up and work right. And in your case, it was released about the same time as W8, so I don’t think it was originally compatible.

With OptionBot 2.0 they seem to have paid attention to what was pissing people off and have corrected all of this. They now have live chat & phone support (I know this because I was on the phone with them two nights ago asking some questions) along with Skype support and also some kind of interactive weekly group training thing going on.

The new OB 2.0 is also now multi-platform, so it works with W7 & W8 (not sure about XP), Mac nowadays, tablets, and phones. I still have W7. W8 looks like a worse-than-Vista-nightmare to me, no offense, lol!

My win/loss is in the mid-80’s, but I don’t trade blindly. I always check their signals against my own charts & indicators before deciding whether to get in on something. I’ll admit that sometimes my caution works against me and I miss out but I am a cautious trader by nature, I treat signals like suggestions, not commands 😉

I should have a review of OptionBot 2.0 up in the next few days with all of this info in it, but in the meantime, I hope this helps.

Tamil says:

Hi binary babe,

have you done the review about optionbot2.0.. i’m planning to use it and hoping for some tips from users like you. thank you

Binary Babe says:

Hi Tamil, Thanks for asking! You can find the review over here

Lesean Anderson says:

These is so new to me but i what to know so much about it i see myself going place long i keep doing what i most do.

seeker says:

been trying it out; it seems to hang while waiting for a “strong signal”. And Win7 updated C++ immediately after install.

I’m not a computer geek. Several things come to mind:

Software is very buggy. Tried to reinstall; still hanging…

The markets are closed; but I installed 3:00pm Friday afternoon. I thought the markets closed at 4:00pm EDT?

Binary Babe says:

Hi Seeker,

Since they fully automated the trading and automatically hook it up to a demo account now without having to even contact Cedar, I decided to test it out myself since the fully automated aspect is different than most signal software. I’ve already gone through the demo period, was very pleased with what I saw, and have now funded my account for live trading to test the results that way this week.

What I can tell you is that you didn’t have to uninstall and reinstall if you thought it was hanging, you just had to fully close the application, make sure it was fully closed by checking your task manager’s processes tab, and then restart it; that’s all. If you have several things going on on your computer simultaneously, you might want to close many of the excess programs, tabs, windows, unnecessary things running in the background, etc. Like any moderately weighty program that involves live streaming interaction, the more you have going on, the slower things will be. You may also want to clean up & optimize your computer to make sure everything is running at top efficiency.

You have to be patient. If it doesn’t find the right high-probability setups, it’s not going to place trades. And near the market close on a Friday can be a little unpredictable, so perhaps it wasn’t seeing reasonably safe setups to trade.

Hope this helps,

seeker says:

so..I regroup; refollow the install and setup instructions. Then I am confronted with having to give credit card info for the $500 DEPOSIT. I fill in the info; it doesn’t go through; i check again; forgot expiry date; still doesn’t go through.

Then I get a call from my card’s FRAUD PREVENTION UNIT. The unauthorized transaction was for a $500 CHARGE to my credit card. That is NOT the deal I agreed to. So they take appropriate measures to protect me and themselves from further unauthorized charges.

I set up an account through the software (even though the emailer, Gary Ambrose, said they would give me login info via email; NEVER HAPPENED); followed THEIR instructions. I DON’T LIKE BEING LIED TO and will contact authorities if they don’t clear this up.

Beware people.

Binary Babe says:

Hello again Seeker,

First, I have to ask, WHY were you being this impatient and impulsive when you knew you couldn’t possibly trade for the whole weekend anyway? Seriously. Think about this for a minute. If you are this impatient and impulsive, then there is a very good chance that you probably shouldn’t be fooling around with trading. Successful trading is about patience, knowledge/understanding, and discipline.

Second, apparently you have never funded a broker account before (or made direct overseas purchases), otherwise you would know that the fraud prevention department was calling because you made an unusual out-of-country purchase. It in NO WAY means that there was fraud involved. If you do not normally make overseas purchases, you will always get a call to check. The first time I ever funded a broker account, my bank kept declining the transaction until I personally called them to clear international transactions for my account. Additionally, from your comment, you also seemed to not be clear on what the word “deposit” means in the world of finance. If you did not want to deposit money into an account then you should not have put in your credit card info and clicked deposit, pretty simple. Though I’m still confused by why you were entering credit card info or depositing when you hadn’t even tested the software yet in the first place.

Third, I doing know what else you were clicking or doing or attempting, but I have no idea where/how in the hell you encountered a $500 minimum deposit request. Cedar’s regular minimum deposit is $200, but with the AutoBinaryCode software the minimum deposit is only $100 to connect the limited version, $300 to connect the full version of the software signals (after the demo period expires) and you are instructed to wait for a representative to call you and assist you before you trade live. Further, you were attempting to do all of this on the weekend when everything is either closed, automated, or on a bare skeleton crew, yet you insisted on pushing forward even when you knew you couldn’t do any trading. The online trading world operates 24/5 because the markets are closed, not 24/7.

On top of everything else, by uninstalling and reinstalling the software you possibly wiped out the time alotted to the automatic demo account that is hooked up to the software….that couldn’t have functioned for the whole weekend anyway because there’s nothing to trade.

I’m sorry but, again, I must stress that anyone exhibiting this much impatient, impulsive behavior and irrational decision making should probably stay FAR WAY from trading….even fully automated trading.

Marc says:

Hi Binary Babe.

I have a question for you regarding this information.

I have installed the software in DEMO first after opening a Cedar account. In the following two hour, the demo software made $88 out of the $500 opening balance.

I then thought why not putting real money in. I put $300 as the system said that there is a 91% winning chances if a minimum deposit of $280 is made. I am happy not all was lost in one day! The software placed 54 trades for a total of $540 and the history on Cedar shows a profit of $10.40. I should then see my balance be $310.40? Why do I see it as $290.40? the $20 difference seem to be 2 trades at $10. Is the software hiding some trades? I can’t see any trades in progress in the application window.

As soon as de deposit was made, the application automatically moved from the $500 Demo to my now live $300 account. No warning about closing/restart the application.

I left it run all Friday trading. I live in Australia, so it was on all night for me! At the end of the trading hours, my balance was only $290.40! At that rate, I will be out of money instead of making any profits!

As I am absolutely not interested in being hassled by any of the Cedar employees calling, I never answer the phone when I see either blocked number or out of the country callers as I have signed up with several brokers and they all want more money in the account to give you bonuses and then you are screwed taking anything out of your funds for a very long time!

My question is do I really have to contact Cedar (or be contacted) for this software to perform in a positive manner?

Because of my lack of trading knowledge and experience, and my geographical situation, having “someone” placing all the trades for me while I sleep is potentially marvellous. However, I must trust that “someone” as it is with my money the deals are made. The principle of this application is really good.

But at the end of the single trading day made, I would say that the claims of 91% winnings is well inflated and the true results are far from it. Even negative as the funds balance is concerned.

I would appreciate your view on this.

BTW, I am being really pissed off with the CAPTCHA request on this form. It is impossible to decipher the image! Tried already 3 times!

Binary Babe says:

Hi Marc,

To answer your question: Yes, you do actually have to talk to them and have them set you to the full version signals or it will not work right and it will eat your money, as you have already discovered. After they do that, they will tell you that you have to shut down the software for at least 15 minutes before the changes are made, then you can restart it.

To possibly address your other situation of living in Austalia and wanting to trade overnight, I have a suggestion you may want to look at. There is a binary options signal service called UpDown Signals and they send you 3-4 trading signals at a specific time each day for placing your positions for a close time each day. That means that you can get your signals, go to whatever broker you have an account with (any of them) and place your trades in advance…then go to bed.

While UpDown Signals is not free, they do have very cheap trials. The really nice thing about them is that they are completely transparent and publish their signals and their results for the last 100 days right on their site. That way you can not only see their track record, you can backcheck it to make sure.

By the way, you may also want to check out our post on taking bonuses here: Should I Take the Damn Binary Options Signup Bonus or Not???

Hope some of this helps!

Devon L Wilson says:

Hey Mon.. With these Software.. you have to call your bank and ask them to open your account to certain Places for the purpose of a purchase. I am a trader as well this is what the banks required for security reason. They then will say we will open your access until midnight. It has nothing to do with the Software. So stop thinking someone is trying to steal from you… If you live in fear.. you will be tormented all your life.

Luan says:

hello friends!

I’m tryin to test the binary code2 self, but I see that it looks as follows:
Example (of a deal when you purchase CALL it comes with a price much below the actual price at the time) and do the opposite in a sales negotiation PUT. Anyway I am deducing that compared to Cedar finance with other brokers, I can be wrong! could take that doubt if the cedar finance offered me a demo account independent of software, but they do not do that! someone can tell me if what I am guessing this right?

Graeme says:

I recently downloaded the BinaryInsider software (Wall Street Exposed) but the software seems very buggy to me I log in but the sign in screen just stays there forever doing nothing. I can’t get it to evaluate the software at all.

I have done a capture screen and emailed to the support but they have not answered back I have also stopped several programs on Task Manager and still nothing happens any idea what I should do to get this working??

Devon L Wilson says:

Mon, I can see through that Guy, His intention was to undermine the software. And to present it to everyone as being fraudulent. Kick his ass off the platform and Make sure you block him from using the software.. I hope you guys have at least that built into the software. You have to learn how to spot the fakes..

Frank says:

I got this and I like how it works but I had to figure aout a couple things. First I neverlet it run without monitoring it. If it starts on a losing streak I stop it just like I would if it was me trading myself and hitting a losing streak. I learned a while ago that quitting for a while is better than losing. I just run it on my old laptop while I work on my regular laptop and check on it from time to time. Sometimes it hangs, too, so its good to keep an eye on it anyway if i have to restart it

Secondly I learned not to run it when only one market is open because it trades differntly when only one market is open and I don’t like how it does things then. But as long as I remember to do these things I’m happy with the money I make.

Just thought I’d share this stuff with you guys that worked for me.

Martin Mitchell says:

I tried the download over an hour and still haven’t received a link in my inbox:(
I’m hoping the offer hasn’t expired.

The link is not working :(

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