OptionBot 2.0 – A Massive Improvement in their Binary Options Signal Software

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I’ve been getting comments and emails asking about the new OptionBot 2.0 signal software release ever since I mentioned it in another post about free signal software here.  So let’s just get into it now because a LOT has changed since last year’s original release, and right now they are offering a Free 7 Day Trial of the new software to prove it.

I did not like OB 1.0, so what’s changed in OptionBot 2.0?

OB 1.0 left many things to be desired. Support was email only and spotty at best (and I’m being really polite here), it wasn’t multi-platform, you couldn’t tweak it to only alert to certain currency pairs you wanted to trade, and they stupidly didn’t make it clear that you had to create your broker accounts through their software in order for the signals to sync up and work right, so many people thought it didn’t work (and I got sick of hearing about it, lol). Plus, it was only compatible with Windows and it was a clunky mess to install, besides being slow and clunky in general.  Needless to say, I was not impressed with OB 1.0 and even removed them from this site….

But, then I got their 2.0 version to try out….

With OptionBot 2.0 they seem to have paid attention to what was pissing people off and have corrected all of this. They now have live chat & phone support (I know this because I was on the phone with them two nights ago asking some questions) along with Skype support and also some kind of interactive weekly group training thing going on.

The new OB 2.0 is also now multi-platform, including mobile, so it works with W7 & W8 (not sure about XP), Mac, tablets, and smart phones. And, since it’s no longer clunky Windows-based software, it’s fast!

You also can now set it to only signal the currency pairs that you’re interested in trading or that your broker offers.  That way you’re not constantly getting signals for currencies that you have no way of trading (that really used to annoy me).  However, it does support 15 different currency pairs and 10 different brokers, so you really have tons of trading opportunities.

Click HERE to Get the OptionBot 2.0 Free 7 Day Trial

(For those of you that are impatient:  If you go to the OptionBot 2.0 page, then try to close the tab, it will ask if you want to leave or stay on the page.  Click “stay” and you will go directly to the software demo video and then you can fill out the form to get to the free trial.)

I have to say that I am definitely pleased with the massive improvements that have been made with OB 2.0.  It’s fast, support is right there (they’ll even call you to help make sure you know how to work the software correctly), and an instructions tab is built right into it.  My win/loss ratio is in the 80′s, but I don’t trade blindly. I always check their signals against my own charts & indicators before deciding whether to get in on something. I’ll admit that sometimes my caution works against me and I miss out, but that’s okay. I am a cautious trader by nature and I treat signals like suggestions, not commands ;)

Go ahead and give the new OptionBot 2.0 a chance, I really think you’ll also be pretty happy with it….even if you hated OB 1.0 like I did, lol!

As always, with any new method, system, or software, don’t forget to test it first with your demo account, or paper-trade it, or back check signal results against your own charts & indicators to see if it works for you personally, before doing any live trading.



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